Moving to Canada?

If You are Moving to Canada Plan Ahead for Home Ownership

If you are moving to Canada and would like to purchase a home, there are different options for you.

If you have a job awaiting you on Canadian soil, it’s possible to also secure the purchase of a home if you plan ahead and connect with professionals before you even begin packing.

If you do not have a job when you arrive, you still would be able to purchase a home, as there are plans offered by banks especially tailored for newcomers.

Contact me so I can give you more information and help you get in touch with an experienced mortgage professional for financing advice.

Canadian Banks offer mortgages with a down payment as low as 5%*

By planning ahead before making your move, you truly can save yourself a lot of hassle and stress when it comes to securing mortgage financing and purchasing a home.

And if you’re already living in Canada, many of the available New to Canada mortgage products apply to new immigrants who have been in the country for up to 36 months.

* Certain conditions apply